Sunday, September 27, 2015

Corella Companions Forever

Who said Birds don't have Soul!

They came daily to Carol's front yard the old Corella couple, time and time again seeking each others company.
Never did the old birds mix with the rest of the flock, they flew in at dawn and left at dusk seeking their personal little bush to sit under all day as both were too old and tired to fly high up into the trees above and were at risk from ground predators. Age was against them both but this is where they chose to take refuge.
Carol looked after them, she watched over them, she helped to feed them, they became her special little friends...

Frolicking Little Corellas
Little Corellas high up in the trees

Many years earlier this couple would have been a thriving pair, playing as they do high in the trees, frolicking just being a pair of Little Corellas.
Time stands still for no one! Not even Little Corellas.
This little pair most probably raised many young over the years and still they never parted.
They became such a term of endearment for Carol, a daily treat for her when they would arrive in the late afternoon taking longs sips of water from the many bird baths in Carol's front gardens.
A place of beauty, a place of serenity, a place where Carol called home on Kangaroo Island, a place where Carol shared with all her beloved fine feathered friends, including her two most precious pups.
We, Colin and I were most privileged to be a part of this story, also permission being given to photograph around Carol's wonderful home and neighbouring gardens for us was a real treat indeed.  
Perfect Little Corella Pair
As you are all guessing by now this story has indeed a very sad ending!
It was only a few weeks ago that the old Corella couple had started to fail, their life coming to a close and Carol's friends were going to be no more.
It all happened very quickly, the pair appeared late in the afternoon as they always did unfortunately the male had lost his beak, it had simply worn off with very old age and Carol found him the next morning quietly lying on his side, he had passed away...
The old Corella couple as I mentioned shared this bush every day and as you can see from where they are hiding they form a heart.. "A Companion Heart"

Heart formed Little Corella's
A very sad day indeed for Carol but what to do now with his lady companion!
Carol very carefully picked the old boy up and wrapped him in a towel, placed him in a box and quietly buried him all the while the female was looking on.
It is said that many birds mate forever, this Little Corella pair were "Companions Forever" as two days later Carol found the little female had also passed away probably from a broken heart as she had lost her true mate and soul companion.
For Carol now! She had lost her companions, Carol wept, for her grief was complete having shared many years with these special Little Corellas that a bond had naturally been formed.
Carol removed the body of the male Corella from where she had first buried him and placed the two perfect little pair together creating a new burial site in a section of her garden where flowers were blooming as it was the first day of Spring.

Burial site for the Little Corella's
While this story is a sad one it goes without saying that Carol had befriended these two Little Corellas. They had shared many years together and Carol has many stories to tell of not only the Little Corella pair but many other birds that share her beautiful abounding gardens.
The Little Corella pair are now flying high again full of youth and exuberance, flying above the trees frolicking as they used to, flying off into the remarkable Sunsets of breathtaking Kangaroo Island.

Flying high into the trees again
Off into the Sunset go the Little Corellas
We hope you enjoyed Carol's story as we have enjoyed being a part of it and sharing it with you all.
~ Thankyou ~

Canon EOS 1DX
Pentax K3
EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM
EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

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