Monday, March 31, 2014


Through the camera lens to Nature's Canvas

The sensational colours that are so pleasing to my eye are always depicted in a Sunset or Sunrise. Where could one possibly gain more pleasure, than from sitting a while soaking up all the colour that explodes across the skies when the sun is rising and when the sun is setting.
I call it the "Golden Hour" 
Maslin Beach ... South Australia

A phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering causes light from the Sun to bounce off tiny particles in the atmosphere and scatter in different directions. Sunlight consists of many different colours from red, which has the longest wavelength of all visible light, through to violet at the blue end of the spectrum which has the shortest wavelength. Blue light is scattered more effectively than the other colours and this is why the sky normally appears blue to us.
At sunrise or sunset, however! When the Sun is low on the horizon the light rays must pass through more of the atmosphere and therefore bounce off more molecules than at other times of the day, this means that more blue light gets scattered away before the light reaches your eyes.
Other colours such as red, orange and yellow can therefore continue to pass through the atmosphere unaffected, creating beautiful colours at the start and end of the day.
Maslin Beach ... South Australia
Maslin Beach ... South Australia
Evening twilight displaying the separation of orange colours in the direction from the sun below the Horizon to the observer and the blue components scattered from the surrounding sky.

Bushfires, pollution, dust, volcanic eruptions will also create spectacular Sunsets and in these two photos below a few days after fires had raged out of control in Victoria February 2009 the skies in Adelaide went blood red.
Maslin Beach ... South Australia  ~  February 14th 2009

My love of photography extends way beyond birds and wildlife. Mother Nature at her best can give any photographer such thrills, whether it be skies, seas, storms, sunlight casting shadows on green and yellow fields, whatever and wherever it may be it is all about being out there and getting that shot...!

 I have always stated, looking through the camera lens you will see Mother Nature's palette, which she has painted onto her canvas for All...!  To simply enjoy that Sunrise and Sunset.
Here are a few canvasses to enjoy ... Cheers


 I hope you have enjoyed my gallery of Sunsets and Sunrise, and last but not at all least is a composite of Maslin Beach ... South Australia, photographed 4th March 2014
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